I have answered enough questions about my brother, Allie, and I moving to Moscow. That is all.

Anonymous asked:
Why did you guys move out of no where? where did you guys go?!

Because we had to, and we moved to Russia.

Anonymous asked:
how many messages did you have in you inbox related to you 3 moving? ;)

103! :O

Anonymous asked:
Why did you, Allie, and Josh move? AND IS IT TRUE YOU GUYS ARE MOVING TO RUSSIA?!

Our uncle is sick and I need to learn how to be a damn CEO in less than a year. Josh is following me to Russia because true bros stick together. Allie is only going because the dumb ass got in trouble with her parents and she’s forced into going with us.

Anonymous asked:
come back!


Anonymous asked:
omfg why did you move to russia?

This lucky son of a bitch is about to take over an empire and needs proper training. ;)

Anonymous asked:


I hate all of you fuckers that knew but decided not to tell me anything.

Anonymous asked:
"How can the devil be pulling you towards someone that looks so much like an angel whenever they smile at you."

That’s interesting and relevant. Creepy.

What a babe.